SEAL Security Patrol

Fundraising Campaign

MOCA has launched the fundraising campaign for the SEAL Security Patrol program.  Outlined below is additional information including a Q&A.
SEAL Patrol allows neighbors to invest in a private, exclusive and designated patrol for our neighborhood that will add more coverage to complement the great work that our Citizens Patrol volunteers provide.  Our goal for 2020 is to raise $40,000 in contributions.
Two of the main builders in our community, Quintessa Homes and Chip Johnson/Pavilion Builders, have provided generous contributions in order to kick-start our campaign with a joint total of $10,000.  Braun Enterprises, which owns Spring Branch Village to the north of our neighborhood, has also made a contribution.
The $40,000 amount will allow SEAL to provide 24 hours/week of patrol services in our neighborhood for one year.  Based on feedback received from the MOCA SEAL questionnaire, MOCA is confident that we can reach our goal.  You can track the progress of the campaign on the MOCA website under the SEAL Security Patrol tab.
Below is a Q&A providing additional information and addressing questions from the neighborhood meeting:
Q:  What are the benefits of the program?  If I contribute to the program, will I receive any additional benefits outside of those who don’t contribute?
A:  Neighbors who contribute to the SEAL program will receive access to a designated 24-hour hotline for Monarch Oaks.  Through the hotline, neighbors will have the ability to schedule vacation checks.  You can also add the designated hotline to your security system call-back list.
In addition, Monarch Oaks will receive the following benefits from the SEAL program:
1)      Highly trained security officers, many of whom are off-duty police officers, patrolling our neighborhood
2)      Armed and unarmed officers with state-of-the-art communications equipment and marked vehicles
3)      Customized patrol program for our neighborhood with varying schedules to deter potential offenders
Q:  Does SEAL carry liability insurance coverage and in what amount?
A:  Yes, SEAL carries $13M in liability coverage.
Q:  Has SEAL experienced issues with their staff committing any crimes in the areas they patrol?
A:  No, they have never had an issue.  SEAL’s screening process includes extensive background checks with significant criminal screening.  Most of the SEAL patrollers are prior military and/or law enforcement officers.
Q:  How will the SEAL patrol scheduling work?
A:  Given that we will receive 24 hours/week, the schedule will fluctuate so that potential offenders are not aware of the times our SEAL patrollers will be in Monarch Oaks.  In some weeks it could be 3-3.5 hours/day, while other weeks may have more hours on particular days.  The patrol times will be coordinated between SEAL and MOCA.
Q:  Has SEAL been successful in other neighborhoods?  Where do they patrol?
A:  Yes, SEAL has been highly successful.  Other neighborhoods where they operate include Oak Forest, Brykerwoods, Afton Oaks, and Briargrove Park, amongst many others.
Q:  What are local realtors and builders saying about SEAL Patrol?
A:  Realtors and builders have expressed that MOCA having its own private security patrol will add value to our neighborhood and refer to neighboring Spring Valley’s police department as a top selling point for that community.
Q:  Will this program add value to our neighborhood/my property?
A:  Many neighbors feel that additional patrols, especially private security, will add value to our neighborhood and increase resale value of properties.  In fact, we have received recent feedback from new Monarch Oaks buyers that the potential of SEAL patrol was a positive factor in considering their home purchase.
Q:  How much should I contribute?
A:  All contributions are voluntary, and any amount will be accepted.  MOCA has suggested $1-2/day which totals $365-730/year; however, every household has different financial situations.  We recognize that some may need to contribute less while others will be able to pay more. 
There was a wide range of comments related to this topic in the SEAL questionnaire, with some households stating they won’t contribute while others stating they will contribute up to $1,000/year.  In summary, please contribute an amount that you are comfortable with while noting that we are working to meet our overall fundraising goal of $40,000.
Q:  How can I contribute? 
A:  There are several ways to contribute. 
1)      MOCA Members can pay by credit card on the MOCA website.  Click on SEAL Security Patrol on the homepage.  Please note that credit card processing fees apply.
2)      Mail a check made out to MOCA to P.O. Box 55773, Houston, TX  77255-5773.
3)      Email to coordinate dropping off a check to a MOCA Board Member.
4)      Pay by Zelle!  List as the recipient.  Email MOCA after you submit your payment, and we will update the campaign tracker.
Q:  Can I sponsor my neighbor who may not be able to contribute and/or is on a fixed income?
A:  Definitely.  Please include an additional amount in your contribution and notate your sponsorship on your check or online, or email MOCA at with the information.  We will notify your neighbor.
Q:  What is the deadline for fundraising?
A:  Our goal is to raise the $40,000.  We have not currently set a deadline.
Q:  What happens if we exceed the $40,000 goal?
A:  MOCA will evaluate if we should add hours or hold the funds and apply them to next year.
Q:  What happens if we don’t reach the $40,000 goal?
A:  The MOCA Board will evaluate how we move forward.  If we decide not to move forward, we will refund all contributions.  Please note that credit card processing fees are non-refundable.
Q:  What are the next steps once the funds are raised?
A:  MOCA will communicate when the patrol will start, the hotline number, out-of-town requests submittal and other pertinent information once we implement the program.
Thank you for your support.  Please email if you have any questions.  We look forward to making our community an even safer place to live!
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Min. $1.00
Max. $5000.00


The following people have contributed.

Name Amount
Andrew Bahun $250.00
Bryan Brown $250.00
ellen elam $1000.00
Gary Hunt $500.00
Gisele Mascio $100.00
Guy and Martha Benham $400.00
Jason & Melissa Saunders $200.00
Jennifer Pesek $400.00
Larry Wilson $350.00
Leslie Lang $400.00
Linda Kaliszewski $100.00
Lissa Goodwin $200.00
Marti Powers Curry $250.00
Mitch Reid $50.00
Peter Fain $500.00
Preston McGlory $100.00
Rene Hoover $250.00
Robin Bravo $500.00
Sam Silberman $500.00
Ty Doyle $500.00
Wendy Hall $300.00