Citizens Patrol

In 1995, a group of neighbors and members of the Monarch Oaks Civic Association (MOCA) recognized the need for a pro-active neighborhood protection program. Information provided by the Houston Police Department (H.P.D.) and input from established neighboring Citizen On Patrol programs led to the organization of the MOCA-COP. Training and equipment necessary for the start up was provided by the H.P.D. Basic equipment furnished by H.P.D. consisted of citizen’s band radios, street signs and magnetic signs for patrol vehicles. Additional equipment was purchased from funds donated by neighborhood residents and local merchants. Fifty plus volunteers answered the call and MOCA-COP was in business. Records show the first patrol was on April 15th 1996. Bobbie Livings was our first patroller and Josephine Harper her base.
Citizen Patrol units are independent organizations that are trained, supervised and accountable to H.P.D. The duties and restrictions mandated by H.P.D. are to OBSERVE and REPORT ONLY. Patrollers cannot Stop Anyone, Threaten Anyone or Instruct Anyone to leave the neighborhood. Nor can Patrollers involve themselves in any ongoing incident.  In 2005, H.P.D. changed the name from COP to CP (Citizen Patrol).
In 2001 MOCA-CP volunteers contributed 2,449 hours protecting our neighborhood. Since organizing MOCA-CP there has been a continuing decline in home burglaries, vehicle theft, burglary of motor vehicles, vagrants, door to door peddlers, etc in this area.
We are recognized as one of the best CP groups in the city by H.P.D. but more patrollers would make us even better. One hour per week as a Base Operator, Patroller, or a Walker would help to improve our coverage and add to the safety of our neighborhood. Officer Felix Segarra at the H.P.D. Storefront at Long Point and Pech is our contact and trainer with H.P.D. and is available to answer any questions concerning the Citizen Patrol program. A form for joining our CP is enclosed.
In 2010 MOCA-CP UNIT reported over 2,150 patrol hours to rank #1 in our HPD Northwest Division. MOCA-CP is funded by contributions from our neighborhood residents. When paying MOCA joining or annual dues a contribution to the CP is greatly appreciated.
Anyone desiring additional information about MOCA-CP, desiring to volunteer or to make a contribution can contact :
Barry Hunt, CP Coordinator @ 713-464-2463 or Cell 713-829-1748
Diane Hunt, Report Mgr. @ 713-464-2463
Felix Segarra – H. P. D. Storefront 832-394-0100
To Download an incident report click here:  Incident Report Download
Once you download it you can fill it out and submit to Barry Hunt